Made in Qatar Costume

Made in Qatar Costume

Many people ask us: “How did you make your costumes “ or “Where did you get your costumes from”?

It takes time, money, skills, and effort to make and finish a costume.

In this article, we will show how props and costume makers in Qatar manage to continue their cosplay hobby,  despite the problem of the availability of raw materials in Qatar.

Some people think that the continuing blockade in Qatar has caused a difficulty to get the materials to prepare the costume. However, the materials are still present here. There are some shops that we recommended for you to check out for materials.

The places :

  • Jarir Bookstore
  • Ibn Al Qayyim Bookstore
  • Al Rawnaq Store
  • Lulu Hypermarket
  • Daiso Store

You can get EVA Foam, which is used in many costume builds from the places mentioned in the above list.

EVA Foam is the most important material out there to all levels of cosplayers. You can craft armor, weapons, and accessories with it.

Other items  are necessary to help with building a costume, they include :

– Magic Tape (Commonly known as Velcro).

– Acrylic Paint.

– Super Glue or Hot Glue Gun.

Here is a Deathstroke costume made from EVA Foam by one of our prop makers, and managers, Mr. Franz. The process took 3 weeks and the cosplay was used for our Teen Titans Cosplay event.

Another Costume shown here is Captain Phasma from Star Wars. Made by one of our talented prop makers, Sherwin Marmita.

The armor was made in EVA Foam and painted in Chrome Acrylic Paint.

The black and red cape was tailor made.

If you are out of the budget, you can use a Cardboard box as a substitute to the EVA Foam, or you can do paper mache craft, which is made out of shredded newspaper or tissue.

The Head of the Cyborg costume for our Teen Titans cosplay event was made out of paper mache in a sphere shape to attain its cartoony form for the event’s theme.

The rest of armor is made in EVA Foam to make sure that the durability will last long, and can be used for other cosplay events.

For the Friday the 13th event at Megapolis. Both Jigsaw and Jason masks were made from paper mache.

Here in Qatar, its possible with enough dedication to make amazing costumes.

You can order your costumes online but making them yourself is a wholly unique and fun experience.

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