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Cosplay is a play of words from “Costume” and “Play”, where practitioners of this hobby wear costumes of their favorite characters and portray them as they wear it.

Who are we ?

We are a group of creative, fun and inspired individuals who have the passion for geek-culture particularly in cosplay and who aspires to bring your favorite superheroes and characters to life!

6th of November 2015,  Qatar Star Wars Cosplayer was formed by a group of people who fell in love with the idea of cosplaying Star Wars Characters. The founder Abdulla, travelled around the world to explore and learn more about different types of culture practicing cosplay and decided to bring it here in Doha.

As the cosplay community in Qatar is actively growing, Q-Cosplay has formed not just a diversity of members, but also a family to share the fun and joy of cosplaying different characters from movies, games, cartoons, and comics.

Here at Q-Cosplay we dedicate our time and effort to produce quality cosplays for everyone’s enjoyment.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a community friendly and fun-loving while encouraging the passion for costume arts and successfully supporting, partnering and collaborating with others committed to similar interest.

Our Mission

To inspire and appeal to peaple of all ages with similar interest through fun, inspiration, creativity and self-expression.